Identifying Tree Fruits

A practical infographic sheet that helps you to easily identify, learn and remember the fruits, nuts, cones and seeds of trees and shrubs like maple, apple, birch, beech (nuts), mountain ash, sweet chestnut, yew, oak (acorns), alder, ash, spruce, grove beech, hazel, elder, dog rose (rosehips), pine wood, cherry, larch, linden, poplar, plane, false acacia, horse chestnut, sandy thorn, holly, fir, elm, walnut, willow and whitethorn.

I’ve drawn the fruits according to briefings from Niedersächsische Landesforsten, and they were first published as a children’s poster in their »Waldstück« magazine.

Available as poster in German or English at Posterlounge (also via Amazon or eBay), or as postcard at Artflakes.

Client: NLF; Scientific Briefing: Stephan Averbeck; Art Direction and Design for the children’s poster: Christian Talla

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