Identification Chart for Tree Fruits

Infographic or identification chart that helps you to identify, learn and remember the fruits, berries, nuts, acorns, cones and seeds of trees and shrubs like alder, apple, ash, beech, birch, buckeye, buckthorn, cherry, chestnut, dogrose (rose-hips), elder (berry), elm, fir, hazel, holly, larch, hornbeam, linden/lime, locust, oak (acorn), maple, pine (nut), plane, poplar, rowan, sloe, spruce, walnut, sycamore, willow and yew.

I’ve drawn the fruits according to briefings from Landesforsten. They were first published as a poster for kids in their »Waldstück« magazine.

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Client: NLF; Briefing: Stephan Averbeck; Art Direction and Design for the kid’s poster: Christian Talla

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