Spuren lesen – Was uns die Fährten der Tiere erzählen

»On the trail of nature: a gnawed spruce cone tells us that squirrels live in the park (…). In tracks of wildlife, we read the stories of nature. The book inspires to (…) explore the nature in the tracks of wildlife, on one’s own doorstep.«

In close cooperation with author Stefanie Argow, I drew the tracks of wolf, fox, raccoon dog, cat, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, badger, marten, otter, raccoon, rabbit, beaver, nutria, squirrel, rat, hedgehog, heron, crane and raven.

»Spuren lesen – Geschichten, die uns die Fährten der Tiere erzählen«
Stefanie Argow und Ulrike Fokken
288 S, 153 x 221, Einband, Quadriga
24,00 € (D), ISBN 978-3-86995-101-0

Available from September 30th, 2020 in stores, via publisher or Amazon.

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