Identification Chart for the Leaves of Trees and Shrubs

Identification Chart, infographic or field guide for identifying leaves or leaf shapes of 36 trees and shrubs such as Apple, Sycamore, Birch, Blackberry, Beech, Sweet chestnut, Rowan, Alder, Ash, Aspen, Field maple, Lilac, Alder, Rosehip, Hornbeam, Dogwood, Elder, Hazel, Cherry, Cherry laurel, Lime, Poplar, Holly, Plane, Horse chestnut, Buckeye, Robinia, Rhododendron, Red oak, Sloe, Holly, Norway maple, English oak, Sessile oak, Elm, Walnut, Willow and Hawthorn in forests, fields, parks and gardens.

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The 25 Tree Leaves were published in the Lily Lux Notizbuch, by Waldschutzhund, in Waldstück Magazin and as a learning poster by Landesforsten!

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