Winter-Set for Dressup Doll »Gerti feiert Weihnachten«

For Charlie & Paulchen, an online shop for finest German stamps and dies, I designed the dressup doll Gerti and some seasonal outfits.

The fresh winter set »Gerti feiert Weihnachten« (Gerti celebrates Christmas) includes 22 pieces, such as a warm jacket, comfortable trousers, boots, ice skates, a sledge, a squirrel, angel wings and a halo, three freely combinable gifts with bows, and two stars! Each piece can be crafted with a stamp and/or a die from paper, cardboard or fabric.

This set can easily be combined with others, like »Gerti geht Gassi«.

With all these options, unique cards can be made from all sorts of materials! We’re collecting samples of possibilities in our Blog.

Available from December 1st, 2017, via Charlie & Paulchen!