Dressup Doll Gerti and “Gerti geht Gassi”

For Charlie & Paulchen, an online shop for finest German stamps and dies, I designed the dressup doll Gerti and some seasonal outfits.

We’re starting this fall, with the set “Gerti geht Gassi” (“Gerti walks the dog”), which includes 24 pieces, such as pullover, jeans, rubber boots, raincoat, southwester hat, handbag, umbrella and dog cape, plus details like trimmings and bows, which can be used in different places. Each piece is made with either stamp and die, or an embossing die.

With those stamps and dies, unique cards can be made from all sorts of materials! We’re collecting samples of possibilities in our Blog.

Available from September 23, 2017, via Charlie & Paulchen!

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