Hybrid Mask Frame Sewing Pattern

After the Hybrid Pleated Mask, as wide range of Hybrid Custom Masks and the Hybrid Boxy Mask, I have now invented the Hybrid Mask Frame, which optimizes the fit of FFP2, N95 or KN95 surgical masks without restricting breathability, and can be sewn or stapled in under 5 minutes.

Thanks to its revers pleat, this frame, brace or fitter fits gaplessly without fogging glasses or slipping, even without a nose wire – and reliably ensures that the medical mask worn underneath does exactly the same.

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»I struck gold when I found this (…) mask. This is German engineering at its finest! (…) It’s genius!«CraftFix

Sellers: Wollsuse, Schnurpfitante, OLLE [EUR]; TinaBK, NagaKiri, HiddenBliss [USA]; Samook [AUS]