Hybrid Boxy Mask Sewing Pattern

After a wide range of Customizations for my Hybrid Mask, I invented another new type of mask, which instead of pleats has an open dart (or twisted pleat) that forms a triangular box, which doesn’t touch mouth or nose, and offers plenty of room to breathe and speak.

Pattern and process are optimized to help the mask seal gaplessly, and even without a nose piece, it does not fog up glasses and reliably stays in place. Wire, ties and filters are interchangeable; the mask is really easy and quick to sew, even with many layers of heavy NWPP.

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»I struck gold when I found this (…) mask. This is German engineering at its finest! (…) It’s genius!«CraftFix

Sellers: Wollsuse, Schnurpfitante, OLLE [EUR]; TinaBK, NagaKiri, HiddenBliss [USA]; Samook [AUS]