Jagdfieber Editorial

“L’on trouve en ce pais des Dames fort actives / Qui s’cavent menager chaque moment du jour, / Car de peur de rester oisives / La chasse les occupe apres le jeu d’amour.” – “L’Europe”, Anon., um 1680

This collection of eight outfits has been inspired by the clothes huntresses in history have been wearing, their appeal, materials and cuts, as well as the idea of the huntress in an allegorical sense.

Concept and Idea for Editorial:
Iris Luckhaus & Reena Troué

Photography: Reena Troué
Outfits & Styling: Iris Luckhaus
Hair & Make: Michel & Zaneta
Models: Lies & Fransien, No Toys

Editorial in Petra, 02/2000
Editorial in Profi-Foto, 03/2001

Prices for single pieces of this collection on request!